GitHub Repositories

Since I don’t want to maintain development projects twice, and I’ve learned to love GitHub in the past, I’ll only refer to the repositories in this section.

  • Control of aquarium technology and sensors
  • Useful statistical output of Maildir user mailboxes
  • Recovery of open source DVB receivers using the Linux operating system and the Enigma2 application
  • Monitoring and automation of greenhouse
  • Tapping of a potential-free relay contact of a smoke detector, alarm via MQTT and finally Telegram notification
  • Optimize and Compress JPEG or PNG Images in Linux Command line
  • Transfer LetsEncrypt certificates from one Linux server to another
  • Shutdown server systems in a data center in a certain predefined order
  • Get alerted by Check_MK via Telegram bash script
  • Creates an HTML report of blocked e-mail messages from Postfix