GitHub Repositories

Since I don’t want to maintain development projects twice, and I’ve learned to love GitHub in the past, I’ll only refer to the repositories in this section.

  • Utility script for rspamd spam and ham training.
  • This repository contains a Bash script for automating backups of InfluxDB databases
  • UPS Data Publisher for MQTT: Capture UPS details using upsc, format as JSON, and send to MQTT broker.
  • Notification of the status of an Uninterruptible Power Supply by Telegram
  • Automatically deletes messages to trash or junk mail folder with a certain age
  • Arduino ESP library for SHT1x Temp & Humidity Sensors for ESP32
  • Use Chocolatey to automate application installations on a Windows DevOps machine
  • PowerShell post-installation script to minimize and customize Windows operating systems
  • Mosquitto Docker image with SSL/TLS support
  • No description