Since 2014 I have been seriously engaged in photography and gradually try to get away from the “click click” and put motifs into scene with planning. Art should bring joy to oneself and others and therefore be accessible to everyone in museums or exhibitions. Photography is also an art. Since I love to browse Flickr, enjoy the great photos of others and collect ideas and suggestions, I decided to actively participate in this community and publish my photographs as well.

For me, photography is a bit like hunting – if you discover a nice motif, you may “shoot” it and keep it. I am especially fond of long exposures. After an eventful day I enjoy the silence of the night for a few hours, get some fresh air and pursue my hobby … perfect! Besides, no photo is like the other. There are thousands of photographs of the same location or scene on the net but each one is individual and unique.

Take a look at my Flickr Photostream. If you prefer to look at the photos in a structured way, then click here for the album view and here for the top 20 according to Flickr relevance.